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South Dakota Birding Hotspots

The map above depicts some of my favorite birding locations within the state of South Dakota.  Clicking on the point on the map, or on the links below, will bring up pages providing detailed information on birding opportunities in those locations, including directions, area descriptions, birds of note, ground photos of the area, and bird photos taken at the location.  This page is a work in progress, and is admittedly very heavy in hotspots in the southeast part of the state where I live! Other locations will be added in the future (and I take suggestions)!

1 - Newton Hills State Park

9 - Presho Area

2 - Lake Thompson Area

10 - LaCreek National Wildlife Refuge 

3 - Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls

11 - Dewey Gevik / Wall Lake

4 - Big Sioux Recreation Area

12 - Beaver Creek Nature Area

5 - Madison Waterfowl Production Area

13 - Prairie Potholes of western Minnehaha County

6 - Oahe Dam and Pierre

14  - Dakota Nature Park, Brookings

7 - Fort Pierre National Grasslands

15  - North Alabama Bend, Clay County

8 - Gavin's Point Dam

16 - Good Earth State Park, Lincoln County