Bird Scientific Names Quiz
Quiz 1 - North American Birds (Hard)
Bird Photos?  Too easy!! Bird Range Maps? Too easy!! How well do you know the SCIENTIFIC NAMES of North American bird species?  This quiz provides a scientific name and other clues.  Your guess the bird species.  Even if you don't know Greek or Latin, you can often get a decent clue just by the similarity of the scientific name to a common English term. This quiz covers any bird potentially found in North America.
  1. Identify each bird by clicking on one of the six choices.  The pop-up box will tell you whether you provided a correct identification. If incorrect, the pop-up box will give an additional clue for the species.
  2. It doesn't matter what order you answer the 20 questions.  However, you will only get credit for a correct identification if you answer correctly with your first guess.  You may continue to guess until you find the correct answer, however.
  3. When you've answered all 20 questions, click the bottom button to find your final score.
  4. To start over and try the quiz from scratch, just hit the "reload" button on your browser.

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1. I am Meleagris gallopavoGallo means "farmyard cock", while "pavo", means "peacock".  I am so named because I look like a fowl, but have some interesting colors.


2. I am Sphyrapicus varius.  In Greek, Sphura means "hammer", while pikos means "woodpecker".  I have other close relatives, but I am typically only found in the eastern half of North America.


3. I am Turdus migratoriusTurdus is Latin for "thrush", while migratorius demonstartes my migratory tendencies.  I am one of the most well known of North American birds.


4. I am Calidris virgataaAphros is Greek for "sea foam", while virgata is Latin for "streaked".  I am often seen on rocky shorelines on the Pacific coast.

5. I am Aythya collarisAythya is Greek for seabird, although I am often found on fresh water as well.

6. I am Micrathene whitneyiMikros is Greek for "small".  Athene is for the genus Owl.  I am found in the southwestern United States.


7. I am Hirundo rustica. Hirundo is Latin for swallow.  Rustica is Latin for "rural". 


8. I am Pyrocephalus rubinus. Purrhos is Greek for "flame-colored".  Rubinus is Latin for ruby-colored.


9. I am Botaurus lentiginosus. Botaurus is Latin for "Bittern".  Lentiginosus is Latin for "freckled".


10. I am Vireo flavifrons. Flavus is Latin for "yellow", while frons is Latin for "front". 


11. I am Vermivora chrysopteraVermis is Latin for "worm", while vorus mean "eating".  Khrusos is Greek for "gold". 


12. I am Spizelloides arborea.  I am a small bird species that is only found in the lower 48 states during the winter.


13. I am Toxostoma curvirostre. Toxon in Greek means "arch", while stoma means "mouth". 


14. I am Ectopistes migratorius.  Ektopistes is Greek for "wanderer" or "migrant". 


15. I am Buteo regalis, well-named, as I am the largest of the Buteo hawks.


16. I am Sitta canadensis.  Sitta is Greek for "like a woodpecker", although in appearance, I am not very woodpecker-like.


17. I am Archilochus colubrisColubris is a Spanish name for "hummingbird".  Archilochus?  He's an ancient poet.  What?  The last part didnt' help??  ;-)


18. I am Charadrius vociferusCharadrius is a old Latin term for a certain yellowish bird.  Vociferus will give you a good idea what I am known for.


19. I am Haemorhous purpureusKarpos is Greek for "fruit", while dakos is Greek for "biter".


20. I am Larus argentatusArgentatus is Latin for "ornamented with silver".  I am one of the most widely distributed species of my kind in North America.

RATING: 20 Correct --Super Birder!!

16-19 Correct -- All Star

12 - 15 Correct -- Bird Nut

8 - 11 Correct -- Showing Promise!

<7 Correct -- Need some work!!!

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