Bird Photo Identification Quiz
Waterfowl Species - Quiz #7 (Medium)
This quiz is a basic photo identification quiz, with all North American Waterfowl species potentially included.  OK, I'm not sure what counts as "waterfowl", but for the purposes of this quiz, I'm counting tducks, geese, grebes, loons, etc.  Quiz rules are:
  1. Identify each bird by clicking on one of the six choices.  The pop-up box will tell you whether you provided a correct identification. If incorrect, the pop-up box will give an additional clue for the species.
  2. It doesn't matter what order you answer the 20 questions.  However, you will only get credit for a correct identification if you answer correctly with your first guess.  You may continue to guess until you find the correct answer, however.
  3. When you've answered all 20 questions, click the bottom button to find your final score.
  4. To start over and try the quiz from scratch, just hit the "reload" button on your browser.

NOTE: Depending upon your browser's security settings, you may get a warning at the top of the screen saying your browser has restricted this webpage from running scripts.  A script is what keeps score for the quiz.  Unless you enable the script for this page, the quiz will not work.  You will also likely need pop-ups enabled for (just) this webpage, as tips and your final score appear in new pop-up windows.


Quiz Photo #1 

1. It's often difficult to see my namesake characteristic.

Quiz Photo #2 

2. I will often lay eggs in the nests of other birds, leaving them to raise my young.

 Quiz Photo #3

3. Like some other members of the Podicipedidae family, I will often carry my young on my back.

Quiz Photo #4 

4. I am a widely spread dabbling duck, who also has a Eurasian-named counterpart.

Quiz Photo #5

5. I may be the most common Loon in North America, but I'm not often seen in the lower 48 states.

 Quiz Photo #6

Researchers have found that many of my kind have suffered broken bones, given the rough environments I often prefer.

Quiz Photo #7 

7. I am a common dabbling duck in much of central and western North America.

Quiz Photo #8 

8. I am the heaviest of all native North American birds.

Quiz Photo #9 

9. Hmmm...there's another species that's fairly similar.  Which one am I?

Quiz Photo #10 

10. I'm known from the stiff tail feathers that I typically hold upright.

Quiz Photo #11 

11. I am a common migrant through the central part of the continent.

Quiz Photo #12 

12. My scientific name is Somateria mollissima.  Will that help you with this one?  Probably not.  :-)

Quiz Photo #13 

13. Is a cormorant species "waterfowl"?  It is in this quiz!!

Quiz Photo #14 

14. I am a very common species in much of North America, either in breeding or migration.

Quiz Photo #15 

15. At first glance you may think I'm something I'm not...

Quiz Photo #16 

16. I have very different plumages between winter and summer.

Quiz Photo #17 

17. I have two forms, with dark-bellied birds in the West, ligher bellied birds in the East.

Quiz Photo #18 

18. I am one of the most common ducks in the world, also found in Europe and Asia.

Quiz Photo #19 

19. In winter most of my kind are found in salt-water along both coasts.

Quiz Photo #20 

20.  The breeding male above won't be nearly as colorful in the winter.

RATING: 20 Correct --Super Birder!!

16-19 Correct -- All Star

12 - 15 Correct -- Bird Nut

8 - 11 Correct -- Showing Promise!

<7 Correct -- Need some work!!!

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