Bird Photo Identification Quiz
Female Photos - Quiz #7 (Hard)
Life ain't fair.  That's what they say!  I think that's the case in this quiz.  Yes, some are pretty straightforward and easy. Others?  I'm not even sure there's enough visual info to tell these apart from another similar species.  Why?  This quiz is about female birds, and some, like female dabbling ducks, can be really hard to tell apart.   Quiz rules are:
  1. Identify each bird by clicking on one of the six choices.  The pop-up box will tell you whether you provided a correct identification. If incorrect, the pop-up box will give an additional clue for the species.
  2. It doesn't matter what order you answer the 20 questions.  However, you will only get credit for a correct identification if you answer correctly with your first guess.  You may continue to guess until you find the correct answer, however.
  3. When you've answered all 20 questions, click the bottom button to find your final score.
  4. To start over and try the quiz from scratch, just hit the "reload" button on your browser.

NOTE: Depending upon your browser's security settings, you may get a warning at the top of the screen saying your browser has restricted this webpage from running scripts.  A script is what keeps score for the quiz.  Unless you enable the script for this page, the quiz will not work.  You will also likely need pop-ups enabled for (just) this webpage, as tips and your final score appear in new pop-up windows.


Quiz Photo #1 

1. Let's start with an easy species...a Downy Woodpecker.  The question is...HOW can you tell this is a female?

Quiz Photo #2 

2. I pale in comparison to my male counterpart.  Literally.

Quiz Photo #3 

3. Multiple females of the following species look similar to this bird, one species in particular.

Quiz Photo #4 

4. I'm brownish.  Pretty much all of these species have brownish females.  You're on your own...

Quiz Photo #5

5. I'm pretty!  Just not as colorful as a male of my species.

 Quiz Photo #6

6. I'm a female dabbling duck.  Some are REALLY difficult, but I have some distinguishing features.

Quiz Photo #7 

7. I am wet and bedraggled a bit in this photo, but still pretty and colorful! Oh...and can I repeat, this quiz may not be totally fair?

Quiz Photo #8 

8. Yeah.  Another dabbling duck.  Good luck.

Quiz Photo #9 

9. Ok, you deserve a break. Even the females of my species are distinctive.

Quiz Photo #10 

10. I'm actually more colorful than my male counterpart.

Quiz Photo #11 

11. The orangish wash on my throat helps to separate me from my closest relative.

Quiz Photo #12 

12. Check that bill before deciding whether it's an Oriole or Tanager.  Then...which one?

Quiz Photo #13 

13. You don't need help here.  This is a species that used to be only found in one half of the country, but now can be found in both the East and West.

Quiz Photo #14 

14. Witchy-witchy-witchy calls drive me WILD!!!

Quiz Photo #15 

15. You know, male Blue-winged Teal kind of have a similar white patch in front of the eye.  I ain't no Blue-winged Teal!!

Quiz Photo #16 

16. I'm similar to the male, but someone turned my 'saturation' color level down.

Quiz Photo #17 

17. I'm a brownish, blackbirdish type of species.  ID me.  I dare you.

Quiz Photo #18 

18. I'm a Belted Kingfisher female.  Now that we've settled can you tell I'm a female?

Quiz Photo #19 

19. Let's do that again. I'm a female Gilded Flicker.  What distinguishes me from a male?

Quiz Photo #20 

20.  Hint: I'm not a penguin.

RATING: 20 Correct --Super Birder!!

16-19 Correct -- All Star

12 - 15 Correct -- Bird Nut

8 - 11 Correct -- Showing Promise!

<7 Correct -- Need some work!!!

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