Bird Photo Identification Quiz
North American Species - Quiz #2 (Easy)
This quiz is a basic photo identification quiz, with all North American bird species potentially included.  Quiz rules are:
  1. Identify each bird by clicking on one of the six choices.  The pop-up box will tell you whether you provided a correct identification. If incorrect, the pop-up box will give an additional clue for the species.
  2. It doesn't matter what order you answer the 20 questions.  However, you will only get credit for a correct identification if you answer correctly with your first guess.  You may continue to guess until you find the correct answer, however.
  3. When you've answered all 20 questions, click the bottom button to find your final score.
  4. To start over and try the quiz from scratch, just hit the "reload" button on your browser.

NOTE: Depending upon your browser's security settings, you may get a warning at the top of the screen saying your browser has restricted this webpage from running scripts.  A script is what keeps score for the quiz.  Unless you enable the script for this page, the quiz will not work.  You will also likely need pop-ups enabled for (just) this webpage, as tips and your final score appear in new pop-up windows.


Quiz Photo #1

1. I am found in open habitats throughout most of North America.

Quiz Photo #2 

2. In winter months, I can be found nearly anywhere along the Pacific coast of North America.

 Quiz Photo #3

3. I am the largest of the "Buteo" hawks of North America.

Quiz Photo #4 

4. I am a resident of the southwestern United States and Mexico.

Quiz Photo #5

5. I am a bird of deciduous forests of the eastern United States.

Quiz Photo #6 

I am a small goose normally that is rarely found far away from coastal environments.

Quiz Photo #7 

7. I am normally found in the boreal forests of Canada or mountain forests of the western United States.

Quiz Photo #8 

8. I am a gregarious species, often found in small nesting colonies.

Quiz Photo #9 

9. I am a warbler of western North America, even overwintering in some parts of the western U.S.

Quiz Photo #10 

10. In the United States, I am only found in far southern Arizona and New Mexico.

Quiz Photo #11 

11. I am the only Eider species that nests in a part of the continental United States.

Quiz Photo #12 

12. I am closely related to Puffins, and can often be found in the same areas as Horned and Tufted Puffins.

Quiz Photo #13 

13. I am found in higher-elevation forests of western North America.

Quiz Photo #14 

14. My scientific name is Sialia mexicana.

Quiz Photo #15 

15. I am a tough bird to observe, given my preference for dense thickets and scrub.

Quiz Photo #16 

16. I migrate earlier to my summer breeding grounds than many other songbirds.  I will often nest under bridges.

Quiz Photo #17 

17. I am usually a difficult bird to observe, as the most you're likely to get is a glimpse amidst the wetland vegetation.

Quiz Photo #18 

18. I am native to the Middle East and Asia, but have become well established in much of the western United States.

Quiz Photo #19 

19. I used to be considered one species, the "Solitary Vireo", along with the Cassin's Vireo and the Plumbeous Vireo.

Quiz Photo #20 

20. In the United States, I am mostly found in southern Arizona.

RATING: 20 Correct --Super Birder!!

16-19 Correct -- All Star

12 - 15 Correct -- Bird Nut

8 - 11 Correct -- Showing Promise!

<7 Correct -- Need some work!!!

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