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Whooping Crane

Photo of the Week (April 28th, 2019)

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When you've birded for over 20 years, and when you see and photograph a species for the first time, one of those photos is probably worthy of being the photo of the week! This photo of a Whooping Crane was taken near Fort Thompson, South Dakota on Friday, April 26th. I was driving up to Pierre for a work conference, and left very early so I could get in a couple of hours of birding before the conference started at noon. While driving along the east side of the Missouri River, I saw a very large white bird in flight in front of me, seemingly paralleling the highway. With many pelicans down by the river, I immediately dismissed it as a pelican in flight. However, as I got closer, I saw what it was...Whooping Crane!  The story of the sighting is encounter that will forever be one of my favorite moments in birding.

Whooping Crane - Grus americana 

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