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Orange-crowned Warbler

Photo of the Week (September 24th, 2017)

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Kind of a sad time of year, birding wise. I've likely seen the last hummingbird at my feeders until next May. Shorebird migration is winding down, and again, most won't be seen again until next May. Songbird migration is a drawn-out affair dependent upon the species, but that too is starting to wind down. I love warbler migration through South Dakota, particularly the spring, but fall migration can be good as well. Towards the end of migration there may still be decent numbers of warblers, but diversity is definitely lacking. Yellow-rumped Warblers seemingly make up 80% of all warblers you see this time of year, but these guys, Orange-crowned Warblers, are also one of the later warbler migrants that are still around in good numbers. They are one of the plainer warbler species, but at a time when the vast majority of songbirds are about to disappear for 6 or 7 months? They're certainly welcome!

Orange-crowned Warbler - Vermivora celata

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