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Hayden Valley, Yellowstone

One of my favorite spots in Yellowstone...Hayden Valley.  This is a mosaic of 12 individual photographs, seamless stitched together into a truly massive image file.  The little image I can put on the internet doesn't give justice to the detail.  If you look closely on even this small one, you'll see a bison herd grazing on the right part of the image, and there are ducks, geese, and pelicans in the Yellowstone River itself.  Without any change in perspective or any cropping, I can make a beautiful panoramic print 13" by 72"...a six-foot long print!! 

 Kind of screws up the formatting on this page template, having the photo so long, but I had to show it a bit larger to show some of the detail. 

Hayden Valley, Yellowstone

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