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Costa's Hummingbird

Calypte costae

I LIVE for birding in southern Arizona. Not exactly the most practical of obsessions when you live in South Dakota, but I have had the chance to bird there on several occasions. In November of 2015 after a work trip in Tucson, I took a couple of personal days to bird. Probably the biggest attraction for me in southern Arizona are the hummingbirds.  There are so many wonderful varieties that just aren't found elsewhere in the U.S.  November isn't a great time for hummingbirds, as many of the rarities have moved back south for the winter. However, there are also some hummingbirds around, and even in November you can find several different species.

Costa's Hummingbirds have always been one of my favorites. They've got that unusual gorget with the part that tails down towards the upper wing, and that gorgeous, deep purple color when the light is just right.  The light wasn't "just right" for this photo, ad only part of the gorget and head feathers are "lit up".  Still one of my favorite photos though, with the detail in the plumage, the pose that provides the perfect profile, the curve branch that arcs through the image, and the dark background that helps highlight the bird itself.

Costa's Hummingbird - Calypte costae

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