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Inca Dove

Columbina inca

Length: 8 inches Wingspan: 12.5 inches Seasonality: Rare Visitor
ID Keys: Scaled feather pattern, long tail, rusty red wing feathers when flying.

Inca Dove - Columbina incaThe Inca Dove is primarily associated with urban areas of the southwest U.S., as they've learned to take advantage of the free handouts often provided by humans. In the U.S. part of their range, they are actually quite uncommon outside of urban settings.  It is doubtful that they occurred in the United States before human settlement, and their range is continuing to expand to the north.

Habitat: Primarily found around human dwellings in the United States part of its range, including suburban areas, farms, and parks.  Will also occasionally use riparian areas.

Diet: Feeds primarily on seeds. Will also sometimes eat fruit, especially the fruit of cactii. 

Behavior: Nearly always forages on the ground.

Breeding: Non-breeder in South Dakota

Song: Sad gentle cooing. 

Migration: Primarily a permanent resident, but some wander northward in the fall and winter.

Interactive eBird Map: Click here to access an interactive eBird map of Inca Dove sightings

Similar Species: Common Ground Dove

Conservation Status: Abundant throughout much of its normal range, and expanding their range to the north.

Bird Feeders: Will attend feeders for various seeds.

Further Information:

Photo Information: December 28th, 2018 - Gilbert Water Ranch in Phoenix, Arizona - Terry Sohl

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Inca Dove - Range Map
South Dakota Status: Extremely rare visitor.  Normal range is far to the south of South Dakota.

Additional Inca Dove Photos
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 Inca Dove 1 - Columbina incaInca Dove 2 - Columbina incaInca Dove 3 - Columbina incaInca Dove 4 - Columbina incaInca Dove 5 - Columbina incaInca Dove 6 - Columbina incaInca Dove 7 - Columbina incaInca Dove 8 - Columbina inca