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Free Bird Calendar

Now Available - Free Downloadable 2016 Calendar

South Dakota Birds and Birding

Starting in 2008, I created a free, downloadable, and printable calendar featuring photos of birds taken within the state of South Dakota.   I have continued the tradition and have created bird calendars for each year since, including the latest 2016 Calendar.   You may download individual month PDF's by clicking on the month image or name below.  The 2016 calendar is at the top, with some of the older calendar pages below.

By making these PDF's already set to a standard page size, I've tried to make these as simple as possible to print.  However, given the vast number of different printer configurations out there, I cannot offer advice or help should you have difficulty printing these.

I've made these calendar pages for you to enjoy in the coming year.   Feel free to print the calendar pages for your own personal use.  However, keep in mind that all imagery and content on this website is registered with a U.S. copyright.   Re-distribution or use for any commercial purpose is strictly forbidden.

2016 Calendar

Bird Calendar - January 2016 Bird Calendar - February 2016 Bird Calendar - March 2016
January - Dark-eyed Junco  February - Northern Saw-whet Owl March - Northern Pintail
Bird Calendar - April 2016  Bird Calendar - May 2016  Bird Calendar - Juine 2016 
April - Western Meadowlark May - Black-necked Stilt  June - Orchard Oriole
Bird Calendar - July 2016  Bird Calendar - August 2016  Bird Calendar - September 2016 
July - Ruby-throated Hummingbird  August - Blue Grosbeak September - Red-eyed Vireo
Bird Calendar - October 2016  Bird Calendar - November 2016  Bird Calendar - December 2016 
October - Short-eared Owl November - Red-tailed Hawk  December - Great Kiskadee


2015 Calendar

January 2015 - Bird Calendar February 2015 - Bird Calendar  March 2015 - Bird Calendar 
January - Prairie Falcon  February - Snowy Owl  March - Blue Jay 
April 2015 - Bird Calendar  May 2015 - Bird Calendar  June 2015 - Bird Calendar 
April - Northern Pintail  May - Ruby-throated Hummingbird  June - Common Yellowthroat 
July 2015 - Bird Calendar  August 2015 - Bird Calendar  September 2015 - Bird Calendar 
July - American Avocet  August - Osprey  September - Red-winged Blackbird 
October 2015 - Bird Calendar  November 2015 - Bird Calendar  December 2015 - Bird Calendar 
October - Le Conte's Sparrow  November - Sabine's Gull  December - Common Redpoll 


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